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Langsam, Stephen
Jan 06 4:03 PM EST
Post #7
Thanks for putting this on Casey, looks like it's going to be a blast. GO MATT JONES!
Kirchberg, Casey
Jan 05 12:04 AM EST
Post #6
I am dedicating my performance this year to the great Steven Bowditch and Robert Allenby. For better or for worse.
Roby, Matt
Jan 14 12:38 PM EST
Post #5
For others, picking winners is a good strategy too
Aamodt, Mike
Jan 14 12:34 PM EST
Post #4
Picking players in the field might be a better strategy for some of you.
Krebs, Tim
Jan 14 1:12 PM EST
Post #3
Team Rum Ham on the official shit list for falling ass backwards into a win in week 1 after picking a guy not in the field in the first week and having Kuchar as his alternate! [rings shame bell].
Kirchberg, Casey
Jan 25 7:04 PM EST
Post #2
Kirchberg, Casey
Dec 29 12:22 PM EST
Post #1
You’ll notice the MPSP schedule on the schedule tab. Take special note of the amounts awarded for each tournament, and the winner’s payout. Consider our weekly payout amounts on the Rules Sheet, and have fun strategizing. We still have a month or so before we begin, but feel free to encourage others to join. Thanks for your membership and Happy New Year!