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Mostly Private Sometimes Public Welcome to the 2024 Mostly Public Sometimes Private (MPSP) fantasy golf league for the friends of Casey Kirchberg. This year's contest will consist of a 34-week season starting on Jan 4 with Tournament of Champions and finishing with TOUR Championship. Click on the schedule tab to see our complete league schedule. Don't forget to follow MPSP Golf on Twitter too.
Commissioner's Message
MPSP 2023 Rules and Pertinent Info Format: One and Done. You can only pick a golfer once for the entire year. How You're Scored: Your "cumulative earnings" which form the basis of our standings is what the golfer you pick earned for that week. For example, if I pick JT and he wins the tournament that paid out $1.6M to the winner, I get that amount for standings purposes. It goes without saying, but tournaments like the Masters pay out more than tournaments like the Sony Open and this may or may not form the basis of your pick strategy. Prizes: I structure this league so that there are multiple ways to win a fair amount of money and also for you to win your entry fee back. 1. Overall Season Last year I paid out places 1-15. 2. Segments In addition to the overall season prize, the season is broken into four segments and these serve as "mini seasons" so that the PGA TOUR season is never really over for you. Like overall season, standings are based on cumulative earnings. Some segments pay out more than others based on the caliber of the tournaments in that segment. Last year I paid out places 1-15. Check out the Schedule tab on the website to see how the Segments are broken up this year. 3. Majors Only Cumulative earnings for Majors Only. Self explanatory. Last year I paid out five places. 4. Consecutive Cut Streak Last year I paid out first and second place. 5. NEW FOR THIS YEAR - Solo Pick Pot aka "Skins" This will be one big pot for anyone who gets a "solo pick" aka a skin (you pick a player that nobody else picks and that player finishes higher than everyone else's picks that week). Can't wait for this one. This keeps things entertaining for everyone throughout the entire season/segments. All prize amounts are TBD based on signups and can be viewed on the Prizes tab after the season begins. I will send an update once the TOC starts. Other Rules: Alternate Picks: When you make your pick on the website, you'll see it asks you for an alternate. Your alternate is triggered three ways: 1. Your main pick isn't in the tournament/doesn't tee off (the system will automatically trigger your alternate pick) 2. Your main pick WDs before the end of round 1 (the system will automatically trigger your alternate pick; if your main pick WDs after Round 1, you're outta luck unless covid - see 3) 3. Your main pick WDs at any point during the tournament due to him testing positive for covid (I will manually change your pick to your alternate pick; not even sure they're testing this year though) In each scenario (1)-(3) you will be able to re-use your original main pick in future tournaments. Cut Streak Rule: Due to complicated downstream impacts for both the standings and the website, your golfer MUST finish the tournament to be considered a cut made. This includes a COVID WD (in this instance, you can use him again and the alternate pick rule above kicks in, but he will not be considered for cut streak purposes and your streak will be reset). Pick Deadlines: Each week there is a pick deadline. You can find it on the Lineup tab. No late picks are accepted. Ever. Don't care if your dog ate your homework. Commissioner Discretion: As commissioner I try to make things as equitable as possible and reserve the right to make a rule modification in a dire situation, likely covid related because covid sucks enough already. That said, I may have to step in and do what I think is right (after consulting with many others) if the situation calls for it.
League Commissioner: Casey Kirchberg